Plan a Gap Year to Mexico

Gap Year Mexico

Expect a warm climate, friendly locals, tasty food, amazing beaches, fantastic ancient ruins, parties and a whole range of international travellers.  If you are looking for the best things to do on a gap year in Mexico you can find opportunities on our guide,

Mexico is full of culture, history and colour and great if you have never been to Latin America before. This is a really big country, you will need around 4 weeks to see as much as possible and try to take a phrase book if you do not speak Spanish. Mexico is a great value destination but more expensive than most others in Central America. Be open to the local culture and try the local food which is very tasty. Mexico also has some of the best nightlife and clubs in Latin America, you can find all night parties and also packages which include accommodation and entry to clubs. Don't leave the country without seeing the Aztec Ruins and also Chichen Itza.

You might want to visit Cancun is probably the most popular and well known destination in Mexico. Cancun has the uncanny ability to attract people from all walks of life and offers tourists a chance to witness ancient buildings that have been standing for many centuries. The beaches at Cancun are breathtaking. Many visitors enjoy the bungee jumping contests near the beach. There are tourist information available on how to participate in exciting bungee jumping activities. One will always want to spend hours on the beaches of Cancun after their first visit to this beautiful location.

"Some areas of Mexico are super touristy and avoid places like Playa del Carmen and Cancun if you would like an authentic experience. Both these locations are very expensive. But if you are looking to keep your Western comforts and also party you will love them." - Paul, UK