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Africa is an amazing destination, thousands of tourists visit every year and its easy to see why with so many wildlife breaks available - the ultimate being a Big 5 safari and going to see the endangered mountain gorillas. Taking a wildlife tour in Uganda or Rwanda to get up close to gorillas in their natural habitat is a magical experience. These are unique trips which most people can only ever dream about doing. Maybe you have watched a wildlife television program and thought wow I would love to do something like that, or it has always been your dream, this is your chance. If you are looking for a rewarding holiday you might want to volunteer with gorillas, there are projects in places like Cameroon where you can help conservation efforts.  


Mountain Gorilla Safaris

Types of Trips Available

There are a wide range of trips available and on our website you can find tour operators who offer trips, safaris and mountain gorillas expeditions where you can get up close and see these beautiful primates. There is nothing quite like seeing mountain gorillas but sometimes you might have to trek all day in hot and humid conditions, these animals live in dense jungle and it can be difficult to locate them. Don't expect a normal relaxing wildlife sightseeing safari!


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Gorilla Trekking Tours in Rwanda & Uganda

The Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is where you can observe mountain gorillas in their natural habitat, on their terms, is considered by many to be the most profound natural history experience in the world. Each day begins early with breakfast and a walk to the park boundary and entrance into the forest. Skilled guides track the nomadic gorillas – always on the move in search of food.

Treks can take one to six hours over rough terrain and high elevation (7,500 ft). Encounters with the gorillas are strictly limited to sixty minutes. Return to the camp in the afternoon where we can walk the forest trails to observe smaller primate species and endemic birds. The scenery has been likened to Switzerland for its high-forested hills and deep-farmed valleys, you will usually get to camp out.

Gorilla safaris involve hiking at relatively high elevations up to 7,500 feet and over rough terrain. Participants must be in good physical condition. Each visit is time-limited to one hour to minimize disruption of the gorillas’ fragile existence. No one under fifteen years of age is allowed to trek gorillas. The cost is US$350 for non Ugandan citizens - please check latest information before departing as the fee might have changed. Some tours include this in the overall price but some don't. This fee might seem high but this really is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the animals in their natural habitat, the money also helps conservation efforts and employing local staff. 


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Gorilla watching safaris have got very popular in recent years and you will need a gorilla trekking permit which is quite expensive, but the price is well worth it and a lot of tour operators include this in the total price of a trip.


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How to Book

Start planning a trip to see gorillas in the wild. With One World 365. On our website you can find mountain gorilla safari tours and book a dream trip to see these endangered creatures in Uganda and Rwanda. 


Other Options

Browse all of our adventure tours if you would like to see more of this continent, there are trips available which travel overland and you can see mountain gorillas on the journey. You can also view our wildlife volunteer projects or if you would like to be more than just a tourist apply to volunteer in Africa.