Gap Year in Fiji

If you would like to experience a true paradise, meet friendly local people, learn more about the culture and tradition of the islands, relax on white sandy beaches, see blue lagoons and go swimming, snorkeling or diving in crystal clear waters then Fiji will appeal to you.

Fiji is a very laid back country to take a gap year in, and a lot slower paced than places, you could try to watch a local rugby game, enjoy some local culture or just recharge your batteries on this tropical paradise. You'll meet lots of other travelers in Fiji, even the larger two islands are relatively small and most people do the same bus route.

If you are looking to relax then Fiji is the destination for you. There are so many water sports and even marine conservation volunteer programs in Fiji you can help. We have gap year programs which are available to join all year round, these include island hopping trips and overland bus passes which allow you to explore the area. Fiji is a great country to go swimming or snorkelling, there is an abundance of marine life and coral reefs. 

Before you depart we recommend signing up to a trip or buying a flexible Fiji bus pass where you can join structured trips around the islands. There are lots of routes and its a hop on hop off experience so totally flexible to work around your plans. This is also a good way to meet new people, make friends and enjoy a really fun experience. 

A couple of weeks is good amount of time to visit Fiji, there are lots of adventures you can book before departing for Fiji, these will allow you to travel in a group with others and see off the beaten track places. On Viti Levu and Vanua Levu you can take a bus tour or travel on public transport.

There are guided companies which offer travelers a hop on hop off bus service around the islands. This is a daily service and connects most places of interest to visit, you can book this before departing. Viti Levu can take around 5 days to a week to see properly and there will be lots of ideas and cultural extras you can join. 

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