Top Reasons to Travel to North America

There are so many reasons you should travel to North America including:

  • See world famous sights
  • So many different places to see
  • Explore incredible cities
  • Discover breathtaking National Parks
  • Sample international cuisine
  • Meet people from all over the world




How to Get to North America

There are international flights daily to locations throughout the region with prices varying depending on the airline and time of year. Destinations in North America are a plenty; it is a matter of arriving that is very important to the price you pay.

When searching for flights do a lot of research and scour the internet and every site that sells discount air fares. Prices vary at different times a year, so it is important to know when the slow seasons are at the locations you are interested in visiting.

Summer (around June - August) are generally the most expensive times of the year and around this period flights can be double the price of a few months earlier. 


Weather & Best Time to Visit North America

You can visit North America all year round and what time of year you go really depends on your personal interest. Summer is generally the most popular time of the year to arrive due to the warm weather.

This is also the most expensive time to visit in terms of accommodation and flights though. Winter is a great time to book a trip if you are looking for a romantic city break or would like to participate in winter sports like skiing and snowboarding.

Spring and autumn have a cooler climate than summer which makes sightseeing more enjoyable.


Best Places to Visit in North America

There are so many incredble tourist sights and destinations, here are some of the best places to add to your itinerary:

  • The Grand Canyon, USA 
  • Niagra Falls, Canada (one of the busiest tourist sites in the world)
  • Route 66, USA (one of the all time classic routes)
  • New York City, USA (one of the best cities in the world)
  • Chicago, USA (listen to live jazz in one of the cities famous clubs)
  • Rocky Mountains, Canada (spectacular scenery)
  • New Orleans, USA (in recovery after hurricane Katrina, visit during Mardi Gras)
  • Yellowstone National Park, USA (one of the best parks in the world)
  • Vancouver, Canada (take part in adventure sports)
  • Queen Charlotte Islands, Canada (beautiful islands)


What to Know Before You Go

Destinations to visit are a plenty; it is a matter of arriving that is very important. Popular places to add to your itinerary include San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Miami. You could take part in adventure sports and go skiing or snowboarding in the Rocky Mountains. 

Whether you’re interested in activities or looking for something more relaxing, America’s 50 states have it all. You will get a chance to visit amazing places like New York, LA, Las Vegas and Chicago. The USA is a huge country and joining one of our small group holidays is a great way to see more of this country and meet new friends.

There are destinations for all budgets and if you are traveling solo it's a great way not to get lonely. You will have an experienced guide who will be able to explain more about the the places you visit, trips are also very structured and safe compared to traveling on public transport.

You will need to book your space in advance (especially for summer trips) as spaces can fill up quick. Highlights can include exploring New York and seeing the Statue of Liberty, travelling on Route 66, watching a baseball game, skiing in Colorado, listening to live music in New Orleans, partying in Vegas, seeing the Grand Canyon... the list could go on and on.

Places not to be missed include California, the Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks, New York, New Orleans and Chicago for live music, the Grand Canyon, Disney World in Florida, Route 66, Appalachian Mountains and more.