The USA is one of the best destinations in the world where you can visit iconic places like New York, California, Las Vegas, Route 66 and the Grand Canyon. There is so much to see and do, from great cities, live music, famous sights, friendly people, huge food portions and famous locations - the States will not disappoint. If you’re looking to visit the USA, see famous locations or stay longer; go test the American dream.


Things to Do in the USA

Find activities, experiences, travel & backpacking ideas in the United States.

USA Travel

USA Travel Guide

Get information, tips, itineraries and inspiration for visiting the United States.

  • Capital: Washington DC
  • Currency: US Dollar $
  • International Calling Code: +1
  • Tourist Visa: Need to apply online in advance
  • Area: 9,830,000 km2 (approx)
  • Population: 309,000,000 (approx)
  • Language: English



If you would like to visit the USA, you will need to apply in advance for a tourist visa. To enter the USA as a tourist you will need to apply for an online ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorisation) at least 3 days before, you will need a valid passport and also pay a fee of around $14. Most Nationalities are eligble for a tourist visa but please check online to confirm if your country is on the list.


Getting to the USA

The USA has airports connected to international destinations so you can get there fairly easily, the easiest places to get to include New York and LA. Generally the cost of a flight from London to New York is around £400. Book in advance or check for special offers for the best deals.


Weather & Best Time to Visit

  • Atlantic Coast - The East Coast and cities like New York have a warm humid climate. You can expect the temperature in summer to be around 18°C to 32°C and in winter around -10 to 5°C.
  • Southwest - The Southwest has a hot desert climate and covers cities like Phoenix, Las Vegas. The average temperature in summers would be around 40°C to 25°C; in winters it would be around 18°C to 4°C.
  • Southeast - Southeast USA has a warm to hot, humid climate and covers cities like Houston, New Orleans, Atlanta, and Charleston. The average temperature in summers is around 20°C to 35°C; whilst in winter it is around 0°C to 10°C.
  • Midwest - Areas like The Midwest, Great Lakes, and New England have a warm climate. The average temperature in summer is around 14°C to 28°C; in winters it is around -9°C to 2°C.
  • Pacific Northwest - The Pacific Northwest has an oceanic climate and this region includes cities like Seattle, and Portland. The average temperature in summer is around 18°C to 30°C; in winters it is around -3°C to 5°C.


Best Experiences & Top Places to Visit in the USA

  • Sightseeing in New York - see all the places made famous in films
  • Seeing the Grand Canyon in Arizona
  • Being part of mardi gras in New Orleans
  • Watching a live sport like baseball, basketball or American football
  • Travelling Route 66'
  • Getting close to the impressive Niagara Falls


Travelling & Backpacking in the USA

Popular destinations include New York, Chicago, Vegas, New Orleans, San Francisco, Florida, Colorado and Los Angeles. Each destination is different and the chances are you will pass by New York which is one of the most unique and interesting cities in the world made famous by various big blockbuster films. LA is a great stopover and home to Hollywood which attracts millions of visitors, people pay homage to their favourite stars on the walk of fame and perhaps even catch a glimpse of a few famous people.

The USA isn't just about sightseeing, there are also so many other places to check out including shopping at one of the multitude of malls and amusement is also to be found at the theme parks. You could choose to visit a specific region e.g. the West Coast like California and the Grand Canyon or even travel across country and take in the sights from LA to NYC.

If you are looking to kick back and escape the crowds you might want to make your way to Hawaii, a string of volcanic island overgrown with lush tropical vegetations in the centre of the Pacific is also a popular destination. Turquoise bays, sandy beaches, tropical palms and sunshine mean visitors consider this beautiful archipelago of soaring volcanic peaks a tropical paradise. Most international visitors focus on the six southerly islands and Hawaii is famous for Aloha and surf culture having some world famous surf breaks. 

If you want to try something a little more extreme you could try sky diving, bungee jumping or even taking a helicopter ride over places like the Grand Canyon and New York City. Some other activities include mountain climbing, white water rafting, snorkelling, scuba diving, hiking, trekking and canoeing. Booking as early as possible in advance is recommended as spaces can fill up quick.

We have a selection of things to do which are perfect for students, graduates, career breaks and for people looking to do something exciting. The choice of where you go really is yours and we recommend you plan ahead so you can make the most of the available time visiting places which really appeal to you. 


Getting Around the USA

Internal flights can be expensive an alternative is to take a bus bus service like Greyhound, Megabus or book train tickets. These will take longer than flying but you will save a lot of money and also get to see more places. Bus services are very regular and connect the whole country, sometimes the distances can be daunting and a lot of destinations require overnight journeys where you might have to stop and change bus. 


USA Budget Travel Tips

  • Accommodation: The larger cities like New York, Las Vegas and LA are generally more expensive the rest of the country. Hotels and hostels can vary in price, dorm beds are your cheapest option.
  • Sightseeing: Buy city pass cards when visiting places like New York and Las Vegas - this will save you a lot of money.
  • Food: Fastfood outlets are everywhere and not all are unheathly, you might also want to shop at supermarkets to avoid spending money eating out every day.
  • Transport: You can sometimes get bus fares as low as $1 for journeys inbetween places like New York and Boston if you book in advance. You could also rent a car which is a great option, fuel is cheap compared to Europe and this provides a flexible way for you to travel around and see as much as possible within your time frame. If you would like to fly the cheapest airline companies are usually Jetblue, Delta and Southwest and you will get the best deals booking in advance or last minute. 






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