Top 10 Reasons to Visit Mozambique

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Mozambique

“Mozambique” sounds exotic, chic, and like a good idea for your next fantastic travel destination. This African country is right at the beginning of its wonderful future as a key point in the international tourism circuit. So, before it becomes too expensive for a strict budget, check out the top ten reasons why you should visit Mozambique.


1. Impeccable Beaches & Islands

Untamed islands can be seen all across the shores, and tourists can have a wonderful time on them. The local tour guides will be at your side to show you some breathtaking sights and lead you to spectacular and natural landmarks. There are so many beaches that at a certain point you can become the sole owner of one of them. 

There are always private helicopters available in the sky that drive tourists to the many beaches of the country. The archipelagos from Bazaruto and Quirimbas are the jewels of the Indian Ocean that sparkle in beautiful nuances of gold and emerald. The water is crystal clear through which you can have fun with dolphins or dugongs, and there are always parties on the beaches.


2. Multicultural Environment

Mozambique was a territory of the clash between multiple cultures from Africa, India, Portugal, and even China. The modern outcome looks enchanting. The Quirimbas Archipelago was first a Muslim trading point, but then it shifted under the control of Portuguese in the 17th century. 

Praça dos Trabalhadores from Maputo hosts a valuable Railway Station that was created by a pupil of Gustave Eiffel. There are many other amazing colonial palaces that are quite a beautiful sight for Americans. A walk to the sandy beach from the iconic Macuti lighthouse of Beira that is marked with a shipwreck in front of it up to the Louis beach is a relaxing way to lose yourself in the scenery for up to 1 hour and 45 minutes.


3. Flavorful Cuisine & Colourful Markets

The multicultural effect has not given birth just to architectural wonders but also to a rich palette of delightful dishes. There is a lot of diversity of seafood, but the prawns are just divine. They are juicy and tasty and they can be served fried as well as grilled. Even the bread is not an ordinary food. The Portuguese Paos are white bread rolls that are baked in the local wood-fired ovens. And you can soak all the dishes with the good old national rum Tipo Tinto which is powerful enough to wake the party animal in you.

There are many vibrant markets all across the Mozambique, and they are rich in fresh and amazing products. It is one of the most delightful parts of a trip to this country, as there is hardly any place else where the tourists can find a large variety of fruits, fish, vegetables, clothes and local nuts. The market allows the simple convenience of a good bargain over wonderful food, spices, and clothes.  There is even a Craft Market which is the perfect spot to take some exotic handmade souvenirs back home to your friends and family.


4. Gorongosa National Park

The Gorongosa National Park is at the heart of Mozambique and covers a wide territory of 4,000 square km. It is an ideal place to be the home of incredible wildlife species as it can host a variety of special ecosystems. 

Once you are here, you will have the chance to observe rare animal species in their natural habitat. The most interesting wildlife here are the buffalos and wildebeests and over 500 bird species. Tourists can spend the night over the Chitengo Safari Camp, where they can rest in modern cabanas just for two. If you are interested in this experience search Mozambique tours.


5. Diving & Snorkeling

Mozambique is one of the best spots from Africa when it comes to underwater activities. Paradise Island offers the perfect environment where you can witness underwater adventures in beautiful waters - lots of top rated scuba dive companies in Mozambique offer packages. Here the visibility is as clear as it can get allowing the participants to discover the fascinations of the underwater world. The island became famous in the sixteen’s when Elton John and Bob Dylan visited the place.

Beside fantastic conditions for diving and snorkeling, tourists can go dune surfing which is exactly how it sounds like, but it can still look outlandish. Dune surfing is a good occasion for snowboard lovers to practice their stunt tricks during summer time too.


6. Horse riding along Bazaruto

Visiting Mozambique will give you the perfect mix of the paradise views of Bazaruto and the noble and relaxing riding on horses. You can choose one of the six South African Boerperds to be your companion along the golden beaches. It couldn’t get more romantic than the foam caressing your horse will the sunset reflected in the blue ocean in the background.


7. 4x4 Adrenaline

There are plenty of rough roads in Mozambique that can offer you some bumpy rides. You can hire a 4x4 from a local shop and make sightseeing an adrenaline pumped adventure.

There are many sandy roads that can be hardly traveled by a normal car, but the 4x4 is the perfect vehicle to have a raw experience on the wild African continent. Some tourists prefer idle, easy, sunny days with coconut cocktail in hand and an enjoyable book in the other. However, Mozambique knows how to entertain even the daredevils.


8. Sailing on the bays

There is a town in Mozambique that knows one thing and one thing only, and that is sailing. Inhambane is popular for its wide inlet where the Matmba River flows. There is a vivid bay full of Dhows, a traditional sailing ship that is easy to be recognized by its large white sails. This traditional boat is the perfect way for a quick escape from all the worries and exhaustion of a working routine. Tourists can bargain with the captain and take the Dhow for even a week in a nautical adventure.


9. Chance to Give Back

There are lots of rewarding volunteering programs in Mozambique where you can help communities and wildlife. This is a fantastic way to do something memorable and actually help in the places you visit.


10. Fantastic weather

The Mozambique is always welcoming the tourists to its lands. There is no need to take your vacation in a rush as the best period of time to visit this African country is from May to October. This country is one of the few lucky ones that enjoy the warm sunshine all year round. However, take into consideration that the southern part of Mozambique is much drier than in the north and is usually described by a less tropical climate.

These are the top ten reasons why you should go on a Mozambique adventure. Such a visit will surely be a memorable period of time that will enrich your life.


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