Here at Volunteer Encounter, we offer an experience of a lifetime to anyone with a passion for travel, Africa, its people and wildlife and most importantly, a desire to make a positive difference in the world’s most magical continent. 

There are many reasons why we are passionate about volunteering. Most importantly, to have a positive impact on our surrounding communities and for conservation.

Our model and efforts have already spread to many countries in Africa. But almost as importantly, our love and dedication to Africa is uncanny. There is very little which can beat the roar of Africa. But the most spectacular element of Africa lies with its people. To see how happy and content people are with so little, and how much they appreciate the small things.

This is infectious for our volunteers and allows them to develop a new level of appreciation. The effect you will have on community members lives cannot compare to the impact they will have on yours.

We are ready to welcome you with open arms to come and join us in genuinely making a difference. We are excited to take our efforts far and beyond. Let’s go Make A Difference ‘MAD’ together.