Tinkuy Peru runs a Mountain School with the chance for volunteers to immerse themselves in the education of the children. With priorities in English, healthcare and arts, our volunteers have the freedom to teach whatever suits them best. 

Located in the rural areas of Huancayo, Peru, Tinkuy Peru runs a mountain school with the aims of helping underpriveleged families and their children. This school runs in addition to the public school, as a source of extra education and a safe environment for the chldren to be in until their parents get home late in the afternoon. 

As a volunteer at Tinkuy, you will have a lot of flexibility and choice of activities, with the main choice being teaching the kids at the Mountain School. Classes involve anything from English to healthcare, mathematics, sports, arts-all are greatly appreciated. There are no requirements for teaching experience or Spanish knowledge, everyone is welcome, however enthusiasm and willingness to work with children is helpful. Tinkuy Peru also welcomes professionals in education, health, building or related fields to help strengthen our project. 

Volunteers are provided with volunteer accomodation and food (with the exception of weekend lunches). The weekend are free for exploring the city, with Saturday typically being an excursion day for volunteers. This is included in the volunteering fees and is a great way to get the local insight to many attractions in the area. There are also Spanish lessons and weaving lessons available during your volunteering stay.

For more information e-mail us for assistance.