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Apply to work as an teacher in South America! This continent is unlike anywhere else in the world, and teaching in this continent will allow you to experience a unique culture, fascinating history, friendly natives and also a lot of exciting places to visit. There is a great demand for English speaking teachers in South America and you can start a new career teaching in this exciting destination.


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Teach English in South America

Guide to Teaching English in South America

South America is an incredible place to visit if you are thinking about going to teach English abroad. Schools in South America are very different to what you might have seen before, sometimes conditions can be basic and teachers lack resources which is where you can play a role by helping. Sometimes you might be working with classes which have around 30 students which will be a challenge but also a lot of fun. Local teachers will be very welcoming and also the students will apreciate your help.

The official language in the majority of countries in South America is Spanish; one exception is Brazil where the official language is Portuguese. You might want to try to learn some Spanish phrases which might make the communication easier, no previous language skills or teaching experience is required though.


Why the Need for TEFL Teachers

Tourism is one of the main reasons for the high demand for English teachers in South America. The growing number of international visitors is helping local people gain employment in hotels and travel companies but knowing English is key to local people progressing their careers.


Best Country to Teach English in South America

Choosing a country to teach can be difficult, all the countries in this continent are diffierent and special in their own way. You really need to decide what type of experience you are looking for, and take into account your savings and the cost of living of the destination.


Where to Find Teaching Work in South America

You can search teaching jobs in South America on our website or search out opportunities locally. There are public schools, private language schools and universities in South America which hire international teachers throughout the year.


Working Week & What to Expect

Most days you will work in the morning and afternoons helping with lessons from Monday to Friday. You might be helping children aged from 6 to 18 and helping them with their English or assisting with normal lessons like science, music, art, music and dance. You could be preparing lessons and activities, any ideas or creative games you have will be welcomed and integrated into class rooms.


Teaching Jobs South America

Top Tips for Teaching in South America

  • Learn Spanish in South America, even basic words and phrases (or learn Portuguese in Brazil)
  • Know the best times and places to find employment
  • Research work permits in advance before departing
  • Work out how much you will get paid to what the cost of living is
  • Learn about local culture and etiquette
  • >Consider un-paid positions to gain experience in the short term


Salary for Teaching in South America

Wages can vary depending on your employer and location. If you are just interested in making the most money when teaching in South America you will need to base yourself in a large city and also have a degree and a TEFL certification. Some language schools pay higher than others and you will need to check our individual country guides for more information on wages in speciifc destinations.


Help / Advice

If you would like to teach in South America and have any questions or need any help arranging a job please get in touch,


South America TEFL Reviews & Testimonials

If you have ever taught in South America and would like to share your experience, review a company/agency or give any recommendations to future teachers please contact us,

'I am teaching in 2 schools, one is a primary school and the other secondary. I absolutely love my classes with the little ones; whenever they see me they shout ´tia!´ or 'aunty!' They are so energetic and constantly tire me out, but they are a joy to work with.' - Ceri Broussine, arranged a teaching job through Oyster Worldwide

"Teaching with Tinkuy was a big learning experience for us! We discovered a joy of teaching, and the eleven children in the first Andean School class discovered a joy of learning about other languages and cultures. A few days after I arrived, Tino took myself and another volunteer for a bike ride into the Andes. We visited Cochas where we bought hand engraved Peruvian items and then biked through local villages, such as San Jeronimo, where we went to a silversmith workshop and then ate lunch. The bike ride was absolutely beautiful. It was so interesting to experience the local villages and people. We watched the sun set over the Andes before returning home. An unforgettable exchange!" - Sara Sandwith and Daniella Rubeling

"Take a gap year to South America and you will experience the most awesome people and country. You will never forget it. The Mountain School I worked at become my second home. The children will steal your heart and open up feelings far deeper than you ever thought was possible. The love and affection given by these children is far greater than you would ever expect. Their ruddy cheeks and tossled hair will emblaze a spot for evermore on your heart. The rugged, macho acting little boys are just as starved for your hugs and kisses. What I have been able to give in books, supplies and myself is never going to equal what I have received. This country is so full of loving, caring people. My month here has been the most wonderful experience of my life." - Elaine Binkley


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