We are a Korean-American company, able to efficiently and effectively communicate with you as well as your prospective school. Our staff consists of experienced ESL teachers who can understand and relate what you want and need from a school. Best of all, there is absolutely no charge for our services!


Our Mission

Park English instructors receive a once-in-a-lifetime experience, in exchange for their skills and academic distinction. Like you,we believe in making a difference in people's lives. We understand that by recruiting competent teachers to quality schools, together we are able to plant seeds in the children of tomorrow’s generation. We strive to find deserving, English-speaking university graduates to fill positions at quality schools, allowing for a mutually rewarding opportunity.



Through our careful screening system, Park English has had high success rates with teacher placements. As a result, we have built a great reputation with both teachers and schools. We also pride ourselves in becoming a member of the Recruitment Agency Organization of South Korea, promising only the best quality services for both teachers and academies.


Networking & Help

Having had our own experience, we understand that one of the biggest challenges of being in Korea is being away from family and friends. Our regular gatherings at Park English allow you to meet many other ESL teachers as well as Korean people.

Through this, you are provided an opportunity to make great friends with whom you can share your wonderful experiences in Korea. And because Park English deals only with the most well respected schools in South Korea, we guarantee that you are getting placed in the best possible situation.