OceansWatch is an organisationwith a Vision of Healthy oceans and sustainable Island communities. Our Mission is that In partnership with Island communities we develop marine conservation plans, sustainable livelihood projects and support primary school education.



We run expeditions aboard donated yachts.We encourage, facilitate and resource OceansWatch members with yachts to partner with volunteers to take part in OceansWatch projects.We undertake marine ecosystem monitoring surveys using International and our own methodologies.When a community requests it, we assist and educate them in Ecosystem Based Management of their reefs and the setting up of Marine Protected Areas that are resilient to Climate Change.We facilitate a schools partnership program that supports schools in developing countries.We assist communities in other ways, as requested to build their capacity to create a sustainable environment and sustainable livelihoods.



We currently recruiting for marine conservation projectss in the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. We are looking for marine scientists, divers and ocean lovers to join us to help with this project of setting up marine protected areas in the remote islands in the Pacific Islands.