Nourish Eco Village

We engage with our communities through an Eco Village model with a variety of programming initiatives that fall under beneficiation, education, enterprise and tourism.

All our projects are integrated, holistic and sustainable: to grow a better tomorrow.

We have a programming structure at Nourish as follows:

- Green Kidz (our environmental education programme)
- Social Enterprise, where we support and grow small businesses through an incubator
- Agro-Ecology training, very similar to permaculture, but more suited to African conditions
- Rise creches (Our Early Childhood Development programme. We support 6 pre-schools around the area)
- Eco Village (this includes our recycling programme and our general day to day outreach into the village around us).

A Nourish Immersive Experience (volunteering) is based on your chosen field, and immersing yourself into the day to day operations and running of the programmes. You will spend the day working with the team, from Monday to Friday and from 8am to 4pm. Learning from them and having an amazing experience!  

This opportunity is like no other, as you are based at the project and will experience Africa like they never you had before. 

A Nourish Internship is divided between an individual project you will complete based on your chosen field, and immersing yourself into the day to day operations and running of the programme associated with your chosen field.

You will also be studying a course in the UN Sustainable Development Goals and completing worksheets and a report as to how our program and your project contributes towards sustainable development.


Duration / Dates

Minimum 4 weeks for Internship
Minimum 2 weeks for an Immersive Experience (Volunteering)

Costs / Pay

$1300 for 4 weeks
€1100 for 4 weeks

$1350 for 4 weeks
€1150 for 4 weeks

Contact / Enquiry

Nourish Eco Village Reviews

Nourish is amazing!

Working with Nourish for a month has been a great experience. The staff is very lovely and accommodating and that includes Nourish and ShikShack. They catered well to special needs and were very open to all requests. Working on-site at the Eco Village is a lot of fun. It is amazing how learning and meeting new people of different cultures is combined and a great opportunity to immerse oneself. All in all, it was an amazing experience.

By: Julia
Nationality: Germany
Age: 0

Amazing experience !

Firstable, I'd like to speak about the wonderful staff... Both local staff and managers, are very kind and caring with the volunteers, it was very helpful for me to adapt and feel confident.
Then, the place is very lovely, there are a few places to chill, there is a swimming pool, a little bar and everything is very clean, well thought out with good taste, simplicity and praticality.
About my experience itself, unlike most other volunteers, my stay at Nourish was not about university project or even specific project... I went there, to support a very inspiring foundation, live an immersion in this magnificent country and know better this beatiful culture. All my wishes have been fulfilled! I had the great opportunity to learn a lot of different things about farm and ways to cultivate the land, how to make fruit sirup and even how to build an amazing playground with pieces of woods, old tires, used corks and a lot of good will! ;)
I also had the chance to spend good time with kids and participate to their daily lives..
Finally, the worst thing for me was to leave this place and all these great people !:)

By: Béatrice Pollet
Nationality: French
Age: 0

Nourish Eco Village Internship Testimonial

The Nourish Eco Village Internship in Agricultural Enterprise Development in Africa provides a unique opportunity to work directly with the local community on agri-processing and agro-ecology methods. The opportunity to work with staff directly in the field ensures hands-on learning in a context-rich environment. Further, the internship's on-line modules provide a structured format to conduct research, design and implement a project that meets both the community's needs while complementing existing and desired skill sets, and reflect on the project outcomes and tie to the sustainable development goals. The supportive work environment promotes continual learning and growth and the incredibly warm and welcoming team makes the stay a dream. The immersive experience allows for true connection with the local culture and facilitates weekend exploring of the beautiful Greater Kruger and beyond.

By: Angela Duffy
Nationality: United States
Age: 0

Internship - Agro processing

This experience was incredible. I met great people both on the organization site and in the Sigagule village. I was able to participate in the different tasks of the organization, from the nursery, to the farm, to the maintenance... Located at a few minutes from the Kruger, I was able to do a lot of game drives but also to visit many places like the Blyde river canyon. Unforgettable experience.

By: Marie Millour
Nationality: française
Age: 0

Had a great time at Nourish

I really enjoyed my internship with Nourish Eco Village. The staff was very nice and welcoming, I had a lot of fun during my internship and I learnt a lot ! During the day, I worked at the farm and in the evening I spent time with other volunteers. I also visited Kruger National Park which was amazing. I discovered a new culture, a new landscape and I enjoyed tasting typical meals. Nourish Eco Village is a place of Ubuntu, “I am because you are”. People learn about themselves and share their experience with local people, volunteers and guests coming from all over the world.

By: Valentine Hamelin
Nationality: French
Age: 0

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