During their time with LTL at one of the locations (Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei and Chengde), students will be immersed in the Chinese culture firsthand, furthering their understanding and appreciation of the Chinese language. Students will better their Mandarin skills while experiencing true Chinese life with LTL!

LTL Mandarin School is a Chinese Language School with headquarters in Beijing and Shanghai, offering 1-on-1 and Small Group Chinese classes for people who are as passionate about Chinese culture as they are about Chinese study.

We feel that when you study in China you are also able to immerse yourself in Chinese culture, giving you a deeper understanding of the Chinese language. The majority of our students choose to stay with one of our network of local Chinese families, for a chance to practice their spoken Mandarin and learn first-hand about life in a modern Chinese household.

There are optional extra classes available in Chinese cooking, calligraphy, and more. All students at LTL will also have the opportunity to join our organised trips on evenings or at weekends to local restaurants, Beijing opera, the Great Wall or other places of cultural interest.

Whether you’re new to Chinese study or looking to try something different from your current routine, LTL Mandarin School has a variety of Chinese language programs on offer - ranging from full immersion homestays and Chinese classes to winter programs and hiking weekends.