Our group courses will allow you to make friends with your classmates and experience first rate Mandarin lessons simultaneously. Our fully certified teachers will help enhance your Chinese speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.


Top Reasons to Book

  • Fully certified and first-rate teachers
  • Groups average under 3 people
  • Maximum of 6 students
  • Friends from around the world
  • Reading, writing, speaking, listening
  • Form a close bond with your teacher and fellow students
  • Increase the speed in which you learn Chinese.



Our school is located right in the thick of the Central Business District. There are plenty of restaurants and shops around if you wish to eat lunch outside of school or go shopping. We also have a gym located in the complex and we have a common area for all our students to eat food, relax and study. Our school is a comfortable and friendly environment to study Mandarin and you will be made to feel at home at the best Chinese language school in China.



Prices are in Chinese Yuan but you can also pay in other worldwide currencies including Euros, USD, CND, GBP, AUD, JPY and SWF. The exchange rate at the time of payment will be used.

  • 1 week: 2,296
  • 2 weeks: 4,480
  • 4 weeks: 8,529
  • 8 weeks: 15,453
  • 12 weeks: 21,000
  • 13-52 wks: 1,750/wk

We want to make absolutely sure to you there are no other fees involved bar the course fee. No registration fee, no accommodation finding fee, no textbook fees. The prices listed above will cover your whole course. If you need help to find accommodation, we can assist you as well.