60-Hour Online TEFL Course

Company : International TEFL and TESOL Training
Activities: Online TEFL Courses / TEFL Courses
Duration: 1 week to 1 Year+
Approx Costs: 100 to 250 $ Dollars (US)

Our 60-hour introduction to TEFL course is particularly popular with people who are looking for an insight into the world of EFL teaching, as well as those who are planning to work as a teacher.

One of the most popular features of this online course is its flexibility which allows you to work through it at a pace that suits your circumstances. Graduates of this course will also have access to our unique support services for the duration of their TEFL career. Once you have logged-in to the system you can then access the course materials which can be studied online or downloaded to your personal computer, tablet or smartphone.

At the end of each unit your understanding of the material will be evaluated before you move on and study the following unit. Upon successful completion of all the course units, you will graduate and receive your introduction to TEFL certificate.


Course Aims

Our 60-hour course will provide you with a solid introduction to the wide world of Teaching English as a Foreign Language. The course has been specifically designed to provide you with all the essential skills and knowledge you will need to embark on a career in the TEFL industry. Please note that many employers will insist on their teachers having a certificate of 120 hours or more.


Course Content

As it is an entry level course, the materials for the 60-hour course mainly concentrate on the teaching skills that you will need in order to present an effective lesson in the classroom. The subjects that are covered include teaching theories and methodologies, classroom management, lesson planning and how to test and evaluate your students’ progress. The short format of the course means it does not cover language awareness and certain other important components that are included in our 120-hour course.

The course is designed around ten individual units that will gradually build up your knowledge of each subject, without overwhelming you with too much information at once. Due to this design you should be able to work through the materials at whatever pace suits your learning style and personal circumstances.


60-hour Introduction to TEFL Course Units

  • Unit 1: Teachers and Learners
  • Unit 2: Theories, Methods and Techniques
  • Unit 3: Managing Classes
  • Unit 4: Teaching New Language
  • Unit 5: Lesson Planning
  • Unit 6: Video Lessons
  • Unit 7: Teaching Receptive Skills
  • Unit 8: Teaching Productive Skills
  • Unit 9: Course Books and Lesson Materials
  • Unit 10: Evaluation and Testing

This course is designed to offer as much flexibility as possible. You will have up to six months to complete all the units, and within this time frame you can work at whatever pace you set.


Post-Course Job Guidance

We pledge to give you all the reasonable support we can to help you find a job on completion of your online course. These support services include:

  • TEFL CV/resume writing
  • How to find TEFL job vacancies
  • How to effectively apply for TEFL jobs
  • Interview preparation
  • Free downloadable teaching materials and lesson plans



  • USD $190

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