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Inspired Escapes

We provide inspiring travel experiences and adventures that will give you access to the authentic people and places the world has to offer. Do something different and get inspired by travelling and making a change.

When you escape with us you discover new lands, new people but also part of yourself that you were not aware of. Launched in summer 2015, Inspired Escapes is the first adventure travel philanthropy organisation of its kind. 

We want you to immerse yourself rather than hide behind a tour bus window in the world’s most inspiring places and be part of an adventure which funds projects of your choice for local communities worldwide yet only in a way that leaves the locals with knowledge for sustainability.

What makes our projects sustainable is that it’s all based on the people at the heart of adventure. These are locals from all over the world who assist adventures and holidays whilst remaining in poverty. Those people being the providers of the transport and the guides, helps immerse you, the traveller into your adventure.

Our sense of global community includes these locals and allows this movement to rocket. Monetary initiative is required but once initiated the local community can continue on their own. Thus sustainability is achieved. We consider this milestone the Eden of social change. 

The website: equipped with the booking capabilities of an online travel shop, has adventures from Machu Picchu to Turkey’s snow-capped Mounts, yet backboned with a fundraising platform that leaves you with the set up for a travel revolution. One in which soon, everyone decides to travel around the world physically helping and building lives.

Our small, dedicated tribe, threw ourselves into creating adventures that would around the world purposefully designed to effect social change at the places we visit, creating a long lasting impact on those communities that need it most.

When a human faces a larger challenge such as helping the people at the foothills, not just climbing the mountain, it takes more innovation and strength. The physical and mental challenge is what inspired challenge is all about; our challenge is a social awakening through a sharing of wisdom in entrepreneurship whilst exploring our world.

Inspired Escapes hands you the book of adventure, our wide range of adventure destinations and social causes let’s you write your own story and shape the happy ending of a local community. If you never thought you could write a happy adventure tale without putting pen to paper, then the box you once defined yourself into, is about to be upgraded in size.  

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