Colours of Opportunity

Company : Inspired Escapes
Location : Bhalil
Duration: < 1 week to 1 week
Approx Costs: 250 to 500 £ Pound (UK)

Help support the local community of Bhalil and create new and inspiring opportunities for local business men and women.

Bhalil is a small town situated in the north of Morocco, a real gem for those looking for a truly authentic experience of Moroccan culture and an insight to a different way of life. Surrounded by captivating backdrops, unique cave houses, wonderfully painted homes and friendly locals that are waiting to welcome you into their way of life, it is a small town bursting with culture.

Colours of Opportunity was born when a local entrepreneur of Bahlil had a vision to create a new wave throughout the town and change the way tourists see and interact with locals. He has a vision to generate a larger flow of responsible tourists to Bahlil and is striving to achieve this through the project Colours of Opportunity. Starting with just one street, he used vibrant colours to bring the streets alive and he is welcoming other enthusiastic individuals and groups to jump on board this journey of social good and personal fulfilment.

The local resident experimented with his ideas to find that by painting just one street, it was enough to uplift the locals and bring them closer together by engaging with one another and as a result increased opportunities amongst the community. Such a simple idea has now given a true colour of opportunity to these locals and you are invited to experience firsthand the striking impact this project has had and is capable of having on one town.

Through the hard work of volunteers over one summer period, this project is enough to sustain 10 local jobs as well as generating additional income for local businesses through the selling of arts and crafts and other souvenirs to tourists visiting Bhalil.

“My intention is to create the wave, imagine all the streets in my village (Bhalil) painted with all sorts of colours! Will it not attract 100's of visitors? Yes, it will!” The Founder



Day 1: Arrival and Welcome

Upon your arrival into Fez airport around 8pm, you will be transported to the tranquil surroundings of Bhalil by private car. Transfer time is approx one hour and you will be able to enjoy some food on arrival before enjoying your first night in the comfortable guesthouse.

Day 2: Project Visit - Colours of Opportunity

Get to know one another as you enjoy your first full day in Bhalil working closely with locals to begin painting your designated street. After your exciting introductions, prepare for your mind to unravel and enjoy soft surroundings of Bhalil, taking in every breath of fresh air as an opportunity to reflect on your personal impact on the village. Your contribution towards the project goes towards the cost of paint to bring the town alive and bring people closer together. Your efforts together can help to paint one street per day!

Day 3: Get active or engage with the local community

Today, you have the option to fully immerse yourself in the great outdoors with a guided trek or jog covering an impressive 28km. With an abundance of time to be mindful of your surroundings, this is a great opportunity to embrace the environment and reflect on your personal motives behind the trip. This innovative program gives you free reign to explore the areas of the village you wish to in search of your own personal fulfilment so there is also the other option today to engage with the locals again and spend another day painting the village. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Day 4: Get active

Spend the day exploring the beautiful Cascades D’ouzoud allowing your thoughts and reflections to stream by as you view the amphitheater of waterfalls. The waterfalls fall into pools of an impressive valley that remains invisible till the last moment so this is a real breath taker. After your visit you are welcome to enjoy your own leisure time back at the guest house with the chance to reflect on your program orientation so far. 

Day 5: Tour to local Berber village

Sunday sees the last day of this exceptional retreat but it is not over yet. You still have the chance to tour a local Berber village and see first-hand their way of life and a very different side to the modern image of Morocco. With a brief visit to Fez Medina en-route to the airport you can experience the town which compromises numerous monumental buildings and is deemed as the country’s culture and spiritual center.

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