We provide potable water by drilling, water collection and storage systems. Involved in health education and environment, we support latrines and reforestation projects. Focus on sustainable development, we emphasize on communities involvement and management, on human rights and on agriculture.

Open-mind, Open-project

We welcome you on this page. On behalf of our Office, we wish that you found here what you are looking for. We believe that the work you and we are committed to do, promotes humankind, contributes to make our environment a better place to live in and that this work benefits closely and directly to those who need it the most. Our Association is inviting you and is pleased to make your stay in Togo as advantageous as real.

We are involved in international solidarity, in responsible travel, in voluntourism because we think that inside people, wherever they are, is a wide Universe we must explore, a Universe we must trust to bring out sciences and treasures which only want to be offered to the humankind.

It is true, it is a reality that a lot of people and communities still encounter enormous difficulties to fulfil everyday needs. Among those difficulties is the lack of potable water. Water is a fundamental for life. Water is important, water is at the core base of every development activities. Our body is composed up to a great percentage of water. Our Planet is said blue because of water. Rain-falls are so vital for us. In fact, water is so essential that it is simply admitted that ‘’water is life’’. We need water for sanitation and drinking water should be always available.

At HYDRO-FORAGE Association, we choose to help people and communities to gain access to potable water and to drinkable water. We choose to support and to sustain environment, health and agriculture thanks to water. We are doing so since 1996 and we are inviting you to help us to continue to do so.

Yes today, we are inviting you to support our action. Indeed, with a little support given, one could very often answer with success to initiatives expressed by local communities. Really, your direct or indirect help, implication and support, your give or your sponsorship or standing godfather or godmother to projects help others and the world around us to become better.

Please, do visit our website to discover our present responsible travel mission. We welcome you to this mission. And be sure that you will be attracted by several activities we are keeping to surprise you in a good way to make you voluntourism be a successful one.

Volunteers, we  need your help !

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