HorizonCosmopolite offers international education programs in more than 20 countries throughout the world.

Thousands of people have used our services to go abroad, individually or in group, in the Americas, in Asia, in Africa and in Europe.

Individual Programs
More than forty projects are offered in 20 countries, in various fields such as environment, social work, service learning, teaching, working with youth, health, wildlife conservation, etc. This program is designed to meet your individual needs. There is no strict selection process.

Linguistic Immersions
This program offers you the opportunity to experience cultural and linguistic immersion in Guatemala, Honduras and Brazil. Come learn Spanish or Portuguese.

Group Programs
The Discovery Program. This group program is geared towards people 16 years and older, who want to join a group of 7 to 14 peers to experience cultural immersion and international service learning. The destinations offered are Guatemala, Honduras, Thailand and the Philippines.

Group programs for academic institutions and community organizations
Groups wishing to provide an international educational experience for a minimum of ten students. Projects are offered in Guatemala, Ecuador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Thailand, the Philippines, Benin and Burkina Faso.

Duration / Dates

Our programs are flexible and varied. You choose:
The duration of the program (within the indicated timeframe).
The type of program and the host country (where we have partners).
Your departure date.
Whether you leave alone or with other people

Costs / Pay

Visit our web site for more information about the costs.

Contact / Enquiry

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