HOPE CARE UGANDA is a non –profit organization providing education and other basic needs to orphans and other vulnerable children and their families in Uganda east Africa.

The organization was originally founded as   a youth group in 2012 and  progressively registered 2014 under the government of Uganda as a non-profit community based organization(CBO ) .

The common goal of the project is to provide formal primary and secondary education with the intention of eliminating poverty  and rescue vulnerable children in need of care and to trace and reunify children with their families.these children are often separated from their families by poverty,HIV /Aids epidemic  and child neglect

HOPE CARE UGANDA  operates in kidergaterns,elementary schools  and secondary schools.we make a solemn commitment to the children in our care. We believe EDUCATION  is the key to self suffiency. That is why we place such a strong emphasis on educating the children.

We help our children reach new heights by inspiring them to develop the desire and capacity break the cycle of poverty and to become the best that they can be. It is our goal to develop future leaders among these children so that one day the can help make their country self suffient.

 Goals and objectives

  1. Hope care Uganda was established for the purposes of direct benefit and development of each child’s full potential in the partnership with the communities and families.
  2. Improving the quality of life and poverty eradication within the community.
  3.  advocate for children rights.
  4.  enroll orphans and vulnerable children in schools.
  5. prevent the spread of HIV/AIDs among the youth.
  6.  effectively provide basic needs and health care services to children.
  7. provide a home for orphans and vulnerable children without any parent or guardians.


To empower orphans and vulnerable children in the communities by providing them with basic needs (food,shelter,clothing,health care and education)


A prepared future life for children


  1. formal education –provide formal primary education and getting sponsors
  2. life skills training and sports
  3. HIV/Aids  prevention and education ,counseling and guidance, referrals and  psychosocial  support
  4. Care and support- providing food clothing bedding and  constructing small houses for orphans without  homes

Approximately 300 children are enrolled in the different partner schools.children are provided with education ,scholastic materials,clothes,bedding ,HIV/Aids prevention and treatment of  opportunistic  infections.

The challenges

Its estimated that in Uganda they are over 2 million orphans due to HIV/Aids, its expected that over the next ten years its likely to double. Many orphans are children of primary school age; these orphans have lost one or both parents. They usually live alone, with one or their extended family. This means that in every family there is an orphan living with them. Many children have been and continued to be traumatized by the loss of their parents. In Uganda its order of the day to find grand parents surrounded by a fleet of  grandchildren, families headed by adolescents , dying adults being nursed by their children and children scattered among relatives.

As a result, many people are considered to be living in poverty and most of these people are below the age of 18. Poverty has adirect effect on people’s lives , as many poor people have little access to heath services, education, clean water and many other important things and these are the major obstacles to child survival, development, protection and participation.

The UN convention on the rights of children contains tights relating to every aspect of children’s lives including the right to survival, development, protection and participation. Orphans need care, including Feeding, Health and sanitation, Vocational training and life skills, Emotional/psychosocial support, counseling, Recreations, religious support, scholastic materials,, beddings, utensils, transport to health units, a roof over their heads and education, they work as a safety net in the child’s life.

Without support and empowering orphans, in future they will live as beggars on the streets. In anticipation of this need, I formally reach you and the entire world to respond with definite committed to becoming our active partner with HOPE CARE UGANDA in proving leadership, consultation and mobilizing people and possible resources to this growing net work.

Top current needs

  1. HOPE CARE UGANDA has a very great need of funds, which could be used every day to buy and provide food, health care needs, education needs, psychosocial support, clothes, beddings and shelter to over 300 orphans in our kindergarten had a primary schools.
  2. HOPE CARE UGANDA has a very great need of 7 classrooms, 2 dormitories, 2 staffrooms and 6 teachers’ quarters.
  3. Land ; we need to secure land, big enough for growing crops and further expansion of the centre activities and stuff quarters.
  4. Volunteer house; HOPE CARE UGANDA has  a great need of a 4 roomed house for provision of accommodation for our volunteers and different organization partners.
  5. HOPE CARE UGANDA has a very great need for pickup truck, which would be used every day to transport food from market centers, transporting children and volunteers, provide medical care, and much more.

We are doing so much in our work and it is very difficult for our tem without a vehicle. It leverages people’s valuable time, helps them be more effective, and enables many more good things to happen. It is a constant prayer request. Pickup truck $30,000s.

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