Highland Farm and Wildlife Refuge

Pharanee Deters (Thai) and William Deters (American) originated the idea of Highland Farm in 1991.

The farm covers 35 acres in Thailand's northwestern mountain region in the province of Tak, a rural area with hill tribes and small villages. In 10 years, the land that was once barren rolling hills has been transformed into a beautiful flourishing piece of land. The farm now supports several thousand trees, which includes twenty-one types of fruit and nuts and twelve types of hardwood trees.

In addition to developing the farm, a Wildlife Refuge was slowly established. It all started when a hunter brought to the farm a small-injured gibbon he had taken from its mother whom he had shot. The Deters took in the baby gibbon and cared for her many months before she recovered. Presently, there are twenty-six gibbons from three different species that comprise Highland Farm's Gibbon Village.

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