High Himalayan Community Project Nepal

High Himalayan community project Nepal is a Nepali-based non-governmental organization (NGO).

We are dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable mountain communities through programs that emphasize advocacy, education, skill development, promoting village tourism and empowering local communities. 

Therefore, High Himalayan community project Nepal has begun to implement a variety of programs that seek to address the root causes of rural communities of Nepal. From the inception of our programs, we have believed that a true and durable solution to the problems of the rural communities that face can only come from themselves.

Nepal is an underdeveloped and land-locked country and known as the least developed country in the world. Majority of people lived in the remote and rural areas. Their way of living is not affected by modern development in the field of community development. They are living in traditional way do not feel the necessity of education health etc. for sustainable improvement of their own condition of the community. The Government of Nepal have not developed sufficient schools, hospital and health post to the remote areas people, so people have to go on foot to the schools, hospital and health post, it takes couple of hours to reach there because of inadequate school, health and transportation services.

Our mission is to encourage and invite international donors, volunteers, and friends to contribute in the rural Himalayan community development, and nature conservation activities of the Himalayan people through work camps, village tourism promotion, village-based programs, and international volunteers promote mutual friendship and solidarity.

In addition, to enriching their own experiences and making meaningful contribution to Himalayan Communities, we offer significant abroad opportunities for volunteers to boost significant knowledge, experience and expertise in education, health, conservation, Information technology and community development issues through international volunteering and donation. We hope to achieve this goal by offering community orientated volunteer programs where the efforts of our volunteers go directly to the underprivileged people and their communities.

With the motto "Development through voluntourism", it is aimed to let rural people of Nepal benefit from tourism. This program would help the needy & deprived people especially in the rural part of the country by different forms of community service oriented projects.

Duration / Dates

We prefer long time volunteers. We have many programs at rural part of the country and office works at Kathmandu as well. Normally 5 days to months volunteers can help.

Costs / Pay

Lodging and local food, tea are always free at our local host Home stay and transportation, snacks, fruits and other basic daily things volunteers should buy themselves.

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