Heeals is a Non Profit Organisation in India.

Heeals is an acronym denoting our commitment to committing human and technical resource to achieve Health Education Environment and Livelihood Society for all.


A vibrant civil society organization that aims to safeguard the health, environment, education and livelihood of poverty stricken Indian communities, in order to promote and create the development of a self-sustained society for them.


To provide the resources, education, expertise and leadership to help people and communities across India to use their own initiative, skills, and ability to improve their current quality of life, environment, knowledge and livelihood and for future generations to come.

Goals & Objective

Heeals resources reflect the part IV of the constitution of India as well as Indian commitment to global development.

Our main goal is to provide a self-sustained society in India. We want to ensure that through empowering our local communities with knowledge and educating them we can begin to eradicate poverty in India. We would like to do this by creating:

  1. A Healthy Society – tackling hunger, malnutrition, woman & child development whilst promoting healthy practices.
  2. An Educated Society – Promoting education amongst the most deprived societies.
  3. A Cleaner Environment – Water Sanitation, Building Toilets, Menstrual Projects, WASH Projects, Climate Change Education.

Our Vision, Mission & Objectives were shaped through a strategic planning process by a group of passionate volunteers who dedicate their time to our cause.

Heeals was built by a core team of committed executive committee, the member and staff member, who collectively have extensive experience in rural, urban and social development in India.

Most of the founding staff is working voluntarily or semi –voluntary. Their common commitment was to create a organisation that would provide health, education, environment and livelihood support requested by the people of state across India.

Duration / Dates

Open through out the year

Costs / Pay

Registration fee US$199

Contact / Enquiry

HEEALS Reviews


Amazing Volunteer experience and They are doing great work at grassroot level.

By: Shambhavi
Nationality: Indian
Age: 26

Volunteering with HEEALS

I volunteered with HEEALS in India. It's a very small non-profit organisation working to help education and the environment. My experience was awesome and I would encourage anyone looking to volunteer in India to apply with HEEALS.

By: Sonika
Nationality: Indian
Age: 30

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