Heart to Honduras

When the world looks at Honduras, it sees statistics. Over 66% of the Honduran population lives in material poverty, and 20% survive on less than $1.90/day.

With their existence often defined by lack, many rural Hondurans have become hopelessly resigned to a future marked by scarcity, violence, and dead-ends.

Be part of a volunteer work forceAt Heart to Honduras, we see the Honduran people as capable, competent friends.

We see communities with resources. We see young people with a future. We see heroes who will write a beautiful story of hope, dignity, and endless possibility. Our job is to collaborate and empower. Will you join us?


Where We Work

We serve communities in the Lake Yojoa region of northwest Honduras. Click the arrow (top left) to expand the map legend and learn more about the communities we serve.


Be a Part of Lasting Change

We don’t apply Band-Aids or offer quick solutions to critical life issues. We patiently and persistently empower local leaders who work together to address the deeper roots of those issues. The result is truly amazing!


Join an Initiative

  • Building Initiatives
  • Campamento Extremo Internacional Initiatives
  • CPH Ministry Initiatives
  • Educational Initiatives
  • Health Care Initiatives
  • Pastoral & Church Leadership Initiatives
  • Sports Ministry Initiatives

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