You can help to facilitate big changes in Peru and discover the new face of volunteering by participating in one of our many projects!

Hampy offers a flexible variety of ways for everyone to make a difference. From hands on participation as a team member in one of our many professional and general volunteer projects, working towards credit for a university internship or completing your Masters thesis, to simply supporting the endeavours of Hampy by choosing to learn more about Peruvian culture and the Spanish language through our Cultural Immersion Programmes. However you choose to get involved it is guaranteed that your experience with Hampy will be like no other.

At Hampy we believe that it is necessary to provide opportunities that are as unique as each of the indiviuals who choose to participate. We believe that by maintaining flexibility and communication with our partners and participants we are able to provide a more satisfying experience overall.

Join with us by getting involved in one of our many projects. Feel involved by exploring projects that meet your individual goals and stay involved by registering to receive our online newsletter updates.

We are working in four areas:

1. Health: in which area we have:

- washing hands program
- washing teeth program
- Improved kitchens
- Water purification program

2. Small business development:

- Guinea pigs farm
- Hikes and camping in the community of Chocco.
- Honey production

3. Enviromental activities:

- Enviromental Education in the three "Rs" (reducing, reusing and ricyling)
- Forestation activities
- Education in Organic and not organic garbage.

We have placements in all these programs, see website for further details.

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