Habiba community is composed of an organic farm, a beach lodge and a learning center, all complementing each other with one purpose of creating balance in the Bedouin life in Sinai.

We aim to create an alternative method than the reliability on the traditional tourism based activities on one hand and to provide the community with financial stability on the other hand.

We provide an interdisciplinary approach to raise the community’s social awareness toward the necessity of applying the basic principles of permaculture, responsible tourism and knowledge transfer

Our facilities:

  • Beach Lodge, Organic Farm and Learning Center

Our activities:

  • Educational activities and economical activities 

Educational activities:

  • Women education
  • Children education
  • Educational farming
  • Educational tourism

Economical activities:

  • Food production which is consisting of (farming, post harvesting and marketing)
  • Womad: (social media page, gallery and catalogue)
  • Sinai Palm Foundation

Our principles:

  • Building communities
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Women empowerment
  • Developing children


Duration / Dates

Dates: All the year
Duration: starting from 3 days till 3 months

Costs / Pay


3 days: 45 Euros
one week: 100 Euros
2 weeks: 170 Euros
one month: 280 Euros
3 months : Free

Contact / Enquiry

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