Travel to the forest of Oxapampa, a rarely visited, protected part of the Amazon, known for its abundance of rare cloudforest habitat and wealth of biodiversity. 

You’ll be living in the heart of the cloud forest in a remote solar, wind and hydroelectric-powered research base, whilst contributing directly to conservation and sustainable development efforts.

While on program, you'll be assisting  a local conservation organisation with protecting the forest by carrying out research and projects that’ll influence the increase of conservation efforts in Oxapampa.

Some of your work will involve collecting data on specific species by identifying elusive species through animal tracking and camera trapping. Other tasks will include determining the health of the surrounding cloud forest, and supporting the preservation and reforestation of degraded areas.

Program Highlights:

  • Contribute to Amazon cloud forest conservation efforts.
  • Live in a remote research base, powered by renewable energy, surrounded by rare cloud forest habitat.
  • Research some of the local flora and fauna species.
  • See what life as a conservationist is actually like.
  • Gain real conservation skills from experts in the field.