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The Green Toad Bus recognizes that scheduling local transportation and activities around South America can offer challengers and be perplexing at times. We make it very easy, risk-free, inexpensive & fun with our meticulously developed Bus Travel Passes!

These days travel in South America does not call for a guide or a tour group, you really can do it all on your own, yet occasionally isn't it better to have a little help? Taking a trip with us is like taking a trip with your own travel specialist who takes care of the booking while you move around with ease. Whatever your budget or travel interests, we can help you experience new countries with our unique travel network.
The Green Toad Bus takes care of your transport as well as your activities, then you get around South America travelling on your own, but with our support! Our purpose is to supply you something in between Organized Tours and also Independent Travel. We prefer to consider it as Organized Independent Travel !!
We work hard to arrange your trip and take care of all the inconveniences, so you can have a stress free time abroad. We pride our self in the experience we offer independent travellers who hook-up with  our handpicked partners around South America to help you get really get in touch with your destinations!

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