Go M.A.D.

Go Make a Difference is an international volunteer organization and JET Programme Special Interest Group run 100% by volunteers based mostly in Japan.

The goal of Go M.A.D. is to organize placements for international volunteers and the JET community to become involved in volunteer projects in developing countries around the world. These projects are managed by organizations registered in the country in which they operate. Go M.A.D. volunteer coordinators have visited the projects to authenticate their legitimacy.

We are different from many volunteer organizations in that we do not charge project sites or volunteers a fee for our services, therefore eliminating high program costs and overhead service fees that are associated with many other organizations. Volunteers pay for their food, accommodations, and donations onsight - thus directly benefiting the project where they are serving. For large group trips based out of Japan on the JET Programme there is an AJET Special Interest Group fee of 1000yen per individual per trip.

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