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Gawaling Tours & Treks has many years of experience in tourism and is regarded as the proficient tour operator in Bhutan. What-ever time of the year we provide best services to our clients. Our guides and staff are certified by the Tourism Council of Bhutan.

The jagged and unforgiving terrain of this country, often referred to as a country frozen in time, has never been a roller coaster journey for most travelers and enthusiasts alike and, more often than not, leave without having even known the actual Bhutan that many have actually wanted to see. With our vision and the motivation 'to serve the best' we hope to be your guide in making your stay here as pleasant as the Bhutan that you always dreamt of. Your quest for knowing the unknown actually ends here.

With many year of experience in this field and keeping in mind the many puzzles surrounding this least explored kingdom, Gawaling Tours & Treks takes pride in being one of the most proficient tour operators in Bhutan today. Your journey into this Himalayan kingdom will never be complete without a touch of our Gawaling magic. Come! Travel with us and venture into a journey across this mythical kingdom and unravel one of the world's last abode of peace, the shangri-la.

The pungent charm of our very own home-brewed butter tea, the rustic charisma of the age-old mud houses and our fiery Bhutanese delicacies served with an extra dose of Gawaling Hospitality have left an indelible imprint in many a heart who dare travelled with us often wanting for more.

Welcome to Bhutan-Unplugged!

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