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Gaia Vista has the vision of becoming the world's first sustainable eco resort and community dedicated to environmental, sustainable research, collaboration and education.

We will be using state of the art green technologies, and will become a living showcase of these sustainable technologies. Gaia Vista is a magical place where you can eat organic food grown right off the land. The farming of our organic food is designed using permaculture as way to grow what we eat in a natural and sustainable way.

Gaia Vista can be seen, both as a model of a new way of living, and as a place to heal, grow and re-awaken deeper aspects of ourselves that we have forgotten and lost in the frantic and hectic pace of our industrialized world.



We are looking for Volunteers Worldwide to help with various aspects of the Creation of The Gaia Vista Eco Resort & Sustainabilty Center.

We are also presently looking for general office & computer assistance, green writers, grant writers, video production and editing help, marketing people, and anyone who would like to help and contribute in some way. All global volunteers are welcome to visit Gaia Vista for free once all construction is completed.

Gaia Vista will be donating rustic accomodations on a year round basis in order to bring experienced volunteers from around the world to work on various projects at Gaia Vista. This is the perfect opportunity to work in Costa Rica as a Volunteer.

We will also be accepting volunteers without specific training and experience, and a sliding scale fee will be charged depending upon the volunteers own experience and specific needs.



Some of the things that the volunteers will be doing are:

  • Researching and studying the rainforest in our Gaia Rainforest Preserve.
  • Reintroducing the Tapir and the tepesquintle into our rainforest reserve. Their populations have dwindled due to accelerated hunting over the last few years. Another aspect of this is to work with local hunters in the area and encourage them to stop this destructive practice
  • Costa Rica conservation volunteers will be assisting with the maintenance and development of a sustainable rotating network of hiking trails along the river, and in the hills of this incredibly beautiful rainforest valley.
  • Assisting and learning about organic farming and permaculture
  • Working on several of our own web based environmental projects in our solar wi-fi internet communication center. The Gaia Vista web projects will be working on fostering collaboration among environmental organizations, and educating the world at large about the problems and solutions for achieving sustainability.
  • Assisting with any other aspect that we may need help with.

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