Experimentar Portugal Travel

We love Portugal. We love our culture. We love what we do.

We've traveled Portugal searching for authentic experiences which give all travellers the oportunity to experience the true portuguese lifestyle.

In order to that, we collaborate with locals, to provide you a ultimate cultural travel experience, of our rich cultural heritage, helping the local economies.

Experimentar is a portuguese word for experiment, experience, try out… We call ourselves Experimentar Portugal Travel because that’s the way we think that tourism in Portugal should be. Travelers should have de opportunity to experience our culture, our food, our lifestyle.
We’re very focused in all our culture aspects, and our goal is to inspire all visitors to love Portugal as much as we do!
Therefore, we provide our clients true travel experiences through portuguese culture, taking you to meet the real Portugal, keeping you in touch with our traditions and taking you to the places where only the portuguese people goes.
Our little country has so much to see, so much to enjoy, so much to do! We’re one of the oldest countries in the world and our history tells us that our ancestries have contributed on the discovery of many civilizations.
We offer you two options: suggested travel experiences or tailor made travel experiences. These travel experiences can be trips, tours and cultural experiences, where you can discover Portugal at you own pace, at suit your taste.

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