Elefantastic Elephant Volunteer Programs, India

A chance to really learn about the life of the great Asian elephants.Get to know them, wash them, feed them, water them, ride them, paint them and love them.

At our farm in Amer, Jaipur, we have 24 elephants. We are offering EKO-friendly experiences with elephants where we arrange different kinds of tours, games and volunteer experiences - a chance to get to know them: feed them, paint them, wash them, get to know their lifes and habits, about their ayurvedic medicines, become friends with them - and many more experiences with elephants.

What our program looks like is this:
Volunteers get to experience a homestay (sleeping at the home of an Indian family, and eat home cooked food there.) Our volunteers then get to wake up in the morning to shower the elephants and get them ready for their job - which is carrying tourists up to the Amer Fort. Then there is cleaning of the farm and once the elephants return from work, they are fed and watered. The volunteers also get to have painting classes - painting the elephants - and learning about 5000 year old ways of curing the elephants using ayurvedic medicines, should they have any desease or wounds. During the warmer season the volunteers also get to ride the elephants to the lake for swimming and scrubbing.

The program includes all these experiences with elephants, accommodation, 3 meals a day and pick-up arrangements.

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