Costa Rica TEFL

Costa Rica TEFL

The Costa Rica TEFL faculty combines its 40+ years of experience in teaching foreign languages to offer you a hands-on, unique opportunity to earn an Internationally Accredited TEFL/TESOL certificate that will qualify you to teach EFL / ESL in Costa Rica or anywhere in the world. 

Teach 10-20 hours of EFL to local Costa Rican students while enjoying one of the most beautiful beach towns in Costa Rica: Playa Samara! Enjoy our free yoga on the beach and free Spanish classes as well. 

We GUARANTEE that once you have completed our course you will be fully prepared to teach ELL successfully in any classroom environment.

Get in touch to find out more, or request an application. We offer a balanced, internationally accredited program which focuses on key areas for being a successful TEFL / TESOL teacher: teaching methodologies, teaching techniques, how to successfully teach grammar, learning styles, classroom management, classroom adaptation, culture in the classroom, effective lesson planning, creativity in the classroom and more.

Costa Rica TEFL has highly qualified, enthusiastic instructors who have taught English in Costa Rica and around the globe. The core instructors all have Masters degrees and/or higher in Education and in teaching English as a second or foreign language with more than 30 years of professional teaching experience.


Costs / Pay

• $800 deposit, $835 upon arrival

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Costa Rica TEFL Reviews

Amazing course, students, staff

Costa Rica TEFL is a program designed to help you discover your own potential as an individual and as an English teacher. The staff were extremely professional and personable while instructing throughout the day and night. They were available and ready to provide beneficial feedback that allowed for me to carry out more concise lessons and to create a better classroom environment. The director of the program, Barbara, met one on one with each student for job placement assistance. She listened carefully to where each student would like to be placed and what kind of teaching experience we were looking for. She helped me land my dream job, teaching EFL in a coastal town in Costa Rica! Thank you as well to my teacher trainer's, Vanessa and Margaret. Both teacher trainers were so respectful in a process that can sometimes seem quite intimidating. The group of students in our session came from all different ages and countries. It was very interesting to hear and to view their diverse teaching methods and experiences. Thank you to Costa Rica TEFL for an incredible learning experience!

By: Alexis
Nationality: United States
Age: 23


Costa Rica TEFL created an inviting and safe space that allowed me to not only learn creatively but strategically and practically. I loved all the different games we learned to teach our students and I feel confident knowing that if I go anywhere in the world I have the skillet necessary to create a lesson plan even with limited materials. The location is prime right on the beach in guanacaste. I felt supported through every step of my training and I highly recommend Costa Rica TEFL for your teaching certification.

By: Satonya
Nationality: American
Age: 26

Loved this place.

I took the TEFL course November 2014, and it was such a good experience. The teachers were patient and helpful about everything. The town was beautiful and relaxing too. Lots of friends were made and lots of things were learned. I really loved this experience.

By: Necia
Nationality: USA
Age: 32

Thank you for everything Costa Rica TEFL :)

If you're currently looking for a TEFL course to complete abroad, I highly recommend you choose Costa Rica TEFL. With its close proximity to the beach, excellent Teacher Trainers, and helpful staff, it's the ideal place to get TEFL/TESOL certified. I completed my TEFL certification in January of 2017 and it was the best thing I have ever done. I made so many new friends from all around the world and gained invaluable experience abroad. The Founder and Director, Barbara Miller, is also extremely helpful with finding jobs upon completion of the course. In addition, she will always be there to help her TEFL graduates get jobs in the future.

By: Marissa
Nationality: USA
Age: 27

Amazing company!

This is an incredible company and course. The curriculum, instructors, and practice teaching experience guarantee that you will leave the program feeling confidant and ready to teach no matter your prior level of experience. The location is amazing - beautiful beaches, jungle, wildlife, and culture. The job placement assistance can’t be beat either. The teachers and Director, Barbara, really work smart to help every student secure teaching jobs not only in Costa Rica, but worldwide. I can’t say enough good things about Costa Rica TEFL. If you are considering, just make the commitment to yourself and DO IT!

By: Bill
Nationality: USA
Age: 33

Life Changing Experience

I completed my TEFL course with Costa Rica TEFL in May 2018 and it was one of the most amazing and life changing experiences. The course and the trainers were excellent, extremely friendly and very efficient. Barbara and her team are gems. In addition Playa Samara was beyond beautiful. I didn't want to leave!

By: Nickola
Nationality: Trinidadian
Age: 30

Best YES i've ever given

Honestly, saying yes to this program was the best decision i ever made. It was the start of a year and a half abroad for me (taught for a year), the majority of that time spent in Costa Rica. The program itself was hands down the best month of my life. Such an awesome program! The teachers are amazing and incredibly dedicated, I learned so much and feel prepared to teach English anywhere in the world. You also get to spend so much time actually teaching the locals, which is so unique to this program and gives such a hands on, and genuine experience. Doesn't hurt that the course is located in PARADISE :) I couldn't sing higher praises. Feel free to reach out with any questions/concerns, ( I am happy to talk to anyone thinking about joining TEFL :) It changed my life, so I am so excited to share my experience with as many people as possible!

By: Kristen Anderson
Nationality: USA
Age: 24

Best Experience of my Life

I did Costa Rica TEFL in April of 2018.The course consisted of me and three other was intense but do rewarding. We got 20 hours of hands on teaching experience over the course of four weeks starting day three.
All of us received job offers before the course was over, partly due to the one on one help and feedback and assistance we had with our job search.
The staff is incredible and very close to each other and make you feel so welcome.
In addition to the fantastic training, Samara is the most incredible location you could ask for. The school is a one minute walk to the beach, the town is known for being a fun, relaxed beach town, and it is not too touristy.
The school also offers free spanish classes once a week and free yoga on the beach. If you choose Costa Rica TEFL, be ready for the well-rounded experience of a lifetime!!!!

By: Kaitlyn
Nationality: USA
Age: 24

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