Founded in 1986, BRAZ-TESOL is Brazil's largest association of teachers of English to speakers of other languages.

A not-for-profit organization with a membership of over 2,000 professionals, BRAZ-TESOL is an affiliate of TESOL International (US), IATEFL (UK) and a member of Southern Cone TESOL (Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay).

BRAZ-TESOL aims to:

  • foster and support research in the field of English teaching.
  • support teacher development programs in all types of teaching institutions in Brazil.
  • promote studies in the area of English teaching and related fields, such as applied linguistics, sociolinguistics, use of technology and second language acquisition.
  • establish and maintain contacts with similar associations in other countries, especially TESOL (US), IATEFL (UK) and Southern Cone TESOL, which brings together Brazil Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay and Argentina.
  • organize national and regional Conventions, meetings and seminars on topics related to the teaching of English in Brazil.

BRAZ-TESOL has a remunerated executive secretary. The members of the Executive Board, the Advisory Council, Regional Chapters, and SIG committees are all volunteers, working for the good of the profession of ELT.

BRAZ-TESOL national organization consists of:

  • a national office based in São Paulo
  • A National Executive Board
  • an Advisory Council - whose members are elected to serve for two years
  • regional Chapters
  • special Interest Groups - SIGs

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