Blue Sparrow

Work with Peruvian kids and the community to improve education, start small businesses, support agricultural development, and provide total wellbeing. Teach at a rural high school, plus support other project areas during free time.

Blue Sparrow hosts motivated, independent volunteers who are ready to take initiative and make a change for communities in rural Peru. You'll be teaching at a local high school in areas like English, Math, Computers, and have the opportunity to design a workshop lesson plan to address social needs like gender equality, nutrition, sex ed, and creativity.

In the afternoons, help us in our full range of project areas. You might interview and support kids and their families as they begin small businesses raising farm animals or repairing bikes. At other times, you could help plant high quality seed to improve the potato crop. In many communities, families cook over an open flame, do farm work by hand, and have no heat even in freezing weather. Blue Sparrow's projects work to address these issues and continually drive for a higher quality of life.

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