BIG IDEA Educational projects Ltd. has been creating meaningful Israel experiences for kids and teens for the past 10 years, mixing technology, digital arts Israel programs and social bonding.

Our vibrant community boasts more than 5,000 participants, and continues to grow and expand every year.

Our team strives to positively impact children’s lives through innovative methods of informal education. We proudly serve families from all backgrounds in Israel, the Jewish diaspora, and other variations.


BIG IDEA Gap Year Program

BIG IDEA Gap Year PLUS is a four-month internship extension program. Use your knowledge in developing mobile and web applications and gain more hands-on work experience.

Be a part of the Israeli Hi-tech industry, intern in an Israeli Hi-tech company. Travel and explore Israel, work on your hebrew and live independently with your friends.

Participants who sign up for BIG IDEA Gap Year PLUS will participate in the 5 month gap year program in Be’er Sheva and then continue on for another 4 month internship program extension in Tel Aviv or Be’er Sheva.



  • Gain work experience from the one and only StartUp nation, and become part of the action!
  • Use your profession, in mobile and web app development, in a real and challenging environment.
  • Work next to Israeli Hi-tech developers and incredible entrepreneurs.
  • Build your resume.
  • Extend your journey away from home.
  • Live with your close friends for another five months.
  • Strengthen your connection to Israel.
  • Improve your Hebrew more with, additional practice opportunities and continued Ulpan lessons.
  • All is taken care of – furnished apartments, scheduled programs, etc.

BIG IDEA Gap Year PLUS is a great opportunity for those who wish to stay in Israel and be a part of a structured program with the guidance of our professional and supporting staff.

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