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Bali International Diving Professionals was an SSI Instructor Training Centre & Professional Dive Centre.

BIDP had more than 25 years experience diving and guiding in Bali's warm waters of Coral Triangle which perhaps, has the richest marine biodiversity on the planet.

From the secluded beauty of the Island of Menjangan, to the well-kept secret of Nusa Penida; sand-bottomed dives of Puri Jati and Secret Bay, on to the fascinating USAT Liberty Shipwreck in Tulamben: with our experience, we took you to places others couldn't.

We were the Manta Rays, Ocean Sunfish (Mola mola) and Macro lives specialist in Bali, Indonesia.

BIDP was an insured Scuba Dive Center, with our own well-maintained equipment and gas filling station. BIDP owned and operated purpose-built speedboats for scuba diving trips to Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan. Whilst for other land-based trips we used well-maintained, fully air-conditioned mini buses.

We used to pick up participants and drive through the breathtaking sceneries of the Island of God, and drive you back to your accommodation after: just sit back, and enjoy!

From Scuba Diving excursions; for licensed divers and yet-to-become; Scuba Diving courses for various recreational and professional level; Technical Diving courses and excursions; Scuba Diving for those with 'special needs'; your own, personalized Tailor-Made Package; Underwater Documentation (videography and photography); Underwater Wedding; and so much more! If you ask for it, then we shall provide!

One of our unique specialty is Underwater Videography. Avandy Djunaidi (BIDP's founder/owner/instructor) was Indonesia’s foremost underwater videographer. He captured excellent underwater footages of macro and pelagic sights. BIDP can provide you with a special, full-HD video camera presented on DVD: for your Memorable Experience with BIDP.

Bali, through all its gloat and glory taught and guided this modest Dive Center; sharpened it in to an ever-evolving unit of passionate professionals, and without having to renounce their signature of 'laid-back attitude,' and above all: safety.

BIDP Bali Diving is no longer operating.

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