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Hop-on hop-off backpacker bus service for travel in South Africa. Routes, hostel list, links and information on attractions.

Baz Bus is committed to promoting South Africa as a preferred backpacker's destination and recognizes the importance of intense international marketing to increase the flow of travellers to South Africa. Our well established transport network provides these travellers with a safe and reliable way to travel the country.

Our passengers come from all over the world and are encouraged to meet fellow passengers on board the bus and share travel stories. Our passengers' safety is our top priority. Passengers are never left unattended and are escorted by the driver into the backpacker hostel of their choice.

Baz Bus has a fleet of 19-seater semi-luxury busses, all with on-board TVs & videos and trailers capable of carrying surfboards and bicycles. Our friendly drivers keep passengers informed with basic route information. One of the busses carries a trailer of mountain bikes and is used for our 100% fun Cape Peninsula day tour.

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Baz Bus Reviews

Once in a life time trip

Touring around the Garden Route with the Bazbus was a lot fun. We got to bungee jump zip line and sand surf to name just a few of the activities. The experiences were a once in a life time and I would do it again without a thought.

By: Sibusiso
Nationality: South African
Age: 24

Amazing, safe way to get around S.A.

I travelled alone to South Africa and used Baz Bus all the way from Cape Town up to Johannesburg. I never felt unsafe and I appreciated the flexible schedule as my plans were always changing. I also liked not having to walk around the cities to find bus depots as they drop you door to door. I used Baz Bus to book my safari in Kruger and the company they partnered with was also amazing. I would recommend to anyone.

By: Darcie
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 27


My friends and I loved every minute of the trip! Baz bus is by far the easiest way to travel South Africa, without any hassles. We will definitely be back!

By: Dino Leidenberg
Nationality: South African
Age: 19

Easy and fun way to get around

The baz bus is a really fun and safe way to get around South Africa. You will meet a lot of other travelers and it is just so easy to get in contact. I often met the same people in different places. Between Port Elizabeth and Joburg the bus doesn't go every day, which inquires a little organisation in advance if you only have a short amount of time to travel. I am a tall person and when the bus was full (which happily didn't happen too often), it was really uncomfortable in the small seats. Apart from that, I really liked the baz bus, I met nice people, got around easily and the drivers were always very friendly and helpful.

By: Mireille Gitzinger
Nationality: Luxembourg
Age: 25

Great day at the Cape Peninsula

Our hostel recommended BazBus for a day trip to Cape Peninsula. We booked a day in advance and reached their office around 7:45am from where the tour would start. We were joined by a few other and we picked up more people around the city before we headed out on our way. We drove along the sea shore to Hout Bay and did the optional boat trip to see the seals. We then stopped at a lookout point with a great view where snacks were served. We then headed to Cape Point Nature Reserve where those who wished could cycle their way to our lunch break point. It was a great experience. After lunch we headed to Cape Point where we walked up to the light house and then could trek down to the Cape Point beach. There was also th option of going down to the Cape Point beach with the bus. Our last stop was Boulders Beach in Simons Town to see the penguins. Special thanks to our guide Mike. He was just fantastic from introduction to telling us about the history and culture of Cape Town and South Africa in general, right to laying out our snacks and lunch and making sure everyone was well fed and hydrated. Our driver Freddy was also great company with his little jokes and all the help with the cycles. Overall it was a great day.

By: Brilliant Ascetic
Nationality: India
Age: 39

Great Backpacking Experience

I used the Baz Bus to travel the Wild Coast and Garden Route of South Africa. I stopped in many different towns and the bus made the experience the easiest backpacking experience I've had yet. It was so convenient and absolutely worth the cost. The drivers are friendly and professional and I met many travelers because we were all taking similar routes. It's nice to get on the bus and see familiar faces!

The whole experience is one I highly recommend.

By: Veronica
Nationality: USA
Age: 26

Baz bus

Brilliant way to work your way along the garden route!

By: LucyInWanderlust
Nationality: British
Age: 28

What you need to know about the BazBus

I used the BazBus in April 2018 from Cape Town to Johannesburg.

The BazBus is a very safe and reliable way to travel across South Africa. The drivers are all lovely and very knowledgeable and do enjoy sharing their knowledge of SA with you.

The BazBus office will give you an estimated time of pick up when you book your trip but ensure you are ready 15 minutes prior to the time they state (this is in the small print).

There are regular comfort stops along the way so you can grab food and use the bathroom ect. The drivers will tell you how far it is until the next stop and where the next stop is, this gives you ample amount of time to get your stuff ready so you can just jump off (the other passengers will thank you for a swift drop off).

The drivers are very protective and care about the safety of their passengers. An example of what I mean by this is that the drivers would either accompany me or make sure someone off the bus was with me when I used ATM machines for safety reasons.

Overall I feel that the BazBus was the perfect way for me to travel around South Africa safely. I would definitely recommend them.

By: Molly
Nationality: British
Age: 20

Perfect way to travel for a first time-backpacker

During 4 weeks time, me and a friend travelled with Baz Bus along the coast of South Africa, starting off in Cape Town heading towards Johannesburg, stopping at many beautiful places on the way.

None of us had done a longer backpacking trip before and felt that travelling with Baz Bus was the perfect way to start with. I would recommend this way of traveling to anyone, both first time-travellers and experienced backpackers who are looking for a comfy but exciting journey.

You're not only guaranteed a safe and easy way of traveling, always knowing you'll arrive at your destination right at the door step, you will also meet amazing people that you can share all your experiences with.

Apart from the amazing drivers, we felt safe at all times and there was never any problems with booking, pick-ups or drop-offs.

I would do it again!

By: Linnea
Nationality: Swedish
Age: 21

Explore Cape Point the comfy way

My friends and me took baz bus to explore Boulder Beach and Cape Point.

It was really comfy, because baz bus pics you up from some hostels. If you donĀ“t stay in one of these hostels, they will recommend you a hostel near by or you can meet in their office in city center.

The trip started in the early morning and we arrived back in Cape Town in the afteroon. We were provided with tasteful food and our Guides made fun all the time. One of the best things was the opportunity to ride a bike in Cape Point Natioal Park. This made our trip very special!

It was really nice that we did not need to organize anything. Especially not renting a car. Even the price of the trip was fair.

So if you want to explore Cape Point the comfy way, just choose Baz Bus! You will get many information while the ride and meet new friends!

By: Breena
Nationality: German
Age: 28

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