Baan Dada

Baan Dada Children’s Home and Community Services is a project of the Neo-humanist Foundation and is located near the Thailand / Burma border. 

Baan means “house” in Thai and Dada is Sanskrit for “brother”. Baan Dada supports 47 disadvantaged children: 37 currently live at Baan Dada. Eight are in University Level and stay in dormitories near their school.

Baan Dada started in 1994 as a boys’ home in an effort to protect the growing number of orphaned and disadvantaged children in the area. Many refugees and migrant families moved to this area due to poverty, disease, and political repression by the Burmese military Government.

Volunteering at Baan Dada requires a combination of English teaching, office work and physical outdoor work. This will depend on what is happening when you are here and where you are needed most.

Areas of work can include:

  • Education: teaching English to children / adults / at the primary school; teach music; teach first aid; teach sewing; teach yoga and child counseling (requires professional experience)
  • Child supervision and activities: cooking; supervise chores; and plan weekend activities such as arts and crafts, sports, dancing, exercise etc.
  • Land: agricultural; greenhouse maintenance; construction and general labour
  • Office work: correspondence by email; social media updates; marketing and communication; fundraising; website maintenance and computer work (including repairs and software updates)

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