AVI - Adventures and Volunteering in India

AVI – Adventures and Volunteering in India is a small but ideal travel and volunteer organization. 


We run volunteer programs with low caste communities of the nomadic groups of people with an aim to improve their health & hygiene, education, social behavior and practical skills. It has a reasonable fee and quality in its programs with better services to its participants. Its programs are need based and safe for international participants.

AVI accommodates its participants with host family to enable them to immerse in their local culture while living with them like a family member and not looking at them from a distance like a tourist. We arrange travel trips for our participants to awesome travel destinations on weekends. So, AVI’s volunteer programs are a mix of volunteering and travelling with a deep immersion in the local culture.

AVI mainly works with children, adolescents and disables on the issues relating to their education, primary health, family planning, social behaviour and skill development. AVI’s staff has extensive experience of working with international volunteers since 2003 and has participated in many volunteer projects in India. 

We are based in a village named Kanwar Pura, just outside the town Sikar in the northern part of Rajasthan, India. We host our volunteers in our own big farm which is also our family house where we live 3 generations together. Also, we have space in our farm for our cows and buffalos.

So, AVI participants live with us on our farm like our family members and not looking at us from a distance like a tourist.

The camp is quite spacious, clean and quieter and located on a local highway which has a good connectivity with our town Sikar. It is just 10 minutes drive from our farm to the town. Also, it is safe and comfortable in all the ways one feels.


The Projects we run:

  • Child Care Project
  • Teaching Project
  • Health Care Project
  • Women’s Empowerment Project
  • Working with Disables


Weekend Trips:

AVI offers organized excursions to its participants for awesome travel destinations of our region mostly on weekends. They are accompanied by our travel executives who are experienced enough to make sure that their trips are safe and sound and they are able to enjoy their trips in real terms. We would be happy to provide free guidance to our participants in case they opt to go for independent travelling on completion of their volunteering. Our organized weekend trips include:

  • Camel Safari with night camping in the desert of Pushkar
  • Visit to forts, palaces and fascinated Bazaars in the Pink City of Jaipur
  • Visit to Taj Mahal and Red Fort in Agra
  • Visit beautifully wall painted old Mansions in Shekhawati Region
  • Tiger safari in Ranthambore National Park


AVI’s volunteer programs are a mix of volunteering and travelling with a deep immersion in the local culture.


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