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Luxury personalised travel & private guided custom tours of New Zealand.

Providing knowledge, personality and experience when travelling with a local guide, Aroha NZ Luxury Tour guides are highly trained passionate Kiwis, hand-picked for much more than their ability to drive. They are well-versed in the culture, flora, fauna and the history of New Zealand.

Our guides are trained in first aid and hold Passenger Endorsement licences. They are also having a permit to operate guiding activities on Public Conservation Land.

All guides are a member of Pro-guides Association and have a permanent resident or citizen of New Zealand. They currently work full or part-time as a Guide for Aroha NZ Tours and have work experience in New Zealand of no less than TWO seasons of guiding. 

Above all, they’ll make sure everything is running smoothly behind the scenes to ensure you can relax and enjoy your trip and experience the real local culture. 

We are joined by an exceptional team of local field guides and experts. Our outdoors specialists all have significant knowledge in their fields and we do not hesitate to recommend their services as they have been valued partners.

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