Our philosophy
Our philosophy  is expressed in our commitment to, and emphasis of, small groups- the smaller the number of students, the more attention each student receives. This pedagogical belief is one in which we believe strongly and which is reflected in our programs. Though one- or two- student classes are ideal, we nevertheless encourage groups of no more than four students. This classroom situation benefits the quality of education from two sides: the student participates more in the reading, writing, speaking, and listening aspects of language and the educator becomes better able to identify the student’s strengths and liabilities so that he or she can construct lessons effectively and productively.  aller the number of students, the more attention each student receives.
Our Teachers
All of our educators are native Arabic speakers with degrees from prestigious universities in Egypt, including Al-Azhar University , Cairo University and Ain Shams University . There Major are Language studies  some of them  Arabic Major and others are English Major . All  well trained at Arabeya training department and have  experience in Arabic instruction   All of our them speak English and several are conversant in other languages in addition.
Teaching Methods
We are using the communicative Language teaching Methods . the learner with unrestrained access to the social, cultural, and pragmatic aspects of language. Assimilating real-life situations and integrating them in the classroom is the method’s primary object. Our instructors assimilating real-life situations into classroom activities, and in homework exercises
Our Programs
  • Seasonal Programs: Summer - Winter - Christmas - Spring
  • Regular Programs: Small Groups - One to One - Online Courses 
  • Special Programs: Arabic for journalism - Arabic for Diplomats - Arabic Calligraphy - Arabic for Bussiness Communication - Arabic for Kids