APECA’s most immediate goal is the stabilization of existing communities along the Amazon while the conservation of the Amazonian rainforest is the ultimate goal. The empowered residents of these stabilized communities will provide the human resources and understanding needed to address the complex issues of preservation and conservation.

Founded in the U.S.A., APECA began its activities in Peru in 1993 by establishing a floating health clinic to deliver medical services and first-aid supplies to the remote Amazon River villages of Loreto. The Department of Loreto is located in northeastern Peru. Since 1993, APECA has expanded its work:

  • Community
  • Conservation
  • Health

APECA provides no grants, scholarships, or free trips to Peru. We do, however, welcome visitors who go with us to help people in the Amazon villages. See our page on Research Internships for the guidelines for these visits.

APECA in Peru cooperates internationally with other organizations, universities, schools, hospitals, service clubs, churches and corporations. APECA assists in the delivery of services offered by the Peruvian Government Ministries. We are actively building relationships with people and organizations interested in working with us for research and development of humanitarian programs. Your inquiries are welcome. 

Please understand that APECA relies on contributions from like-minded people and organizations to meet the costs of all our activities. APECA Inc. is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that relies entirely on the generosity of private donors. Our work is funded by gifts from supporters who care about our work and support our mission. We encourage you to become involved through your tax-deductible gift.