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Cambodia is famous for its hospitality, and the average visitor will have no difficulty in adapting to local customs, like we say “CHUM REAP SUR” which is the Khmer word that Cambodian people always use to greet or welcome people when they meet. It is not usual to shake hands like all western people always use. Instead we put our hands together as if we are praying when we are a prayer and we have to bow our head forward slightly toward elderly as well, but for the younger, same age or friends, we don’t need to do this, just put our hands together is enough.

“CHUM REAP SUR Ladies and Gentlemen” My full name’s Pheng Saomony or simply call me Mony or Bross. I was born in 1980 a year after The Khmer Rouge regime was toppled, and was raised up through a tumultuous and chaotic period in Cambodia's history in a Northwestern province called Siem Reap, which used to be the capital city of Angkor between 10th-15th Century before being moved to Phnom Penh, the present capital city of Cambodia.

Since I grew up, I’ve spent many years studying and researching art style history of the ancient temples till I became a licensed professional tour guide in Angkor Archaeological Park and other tourism sites around Cambodia in 2005. Since then I have been guiding people from all over the world not only to know the rich in history of temples, but also my people and country and I also love to meet so many interesting and adventurous people from different parts of the world.

By working as a freelance tour guide starting from the small to big travel agencies, I have gained long specialist experience in tourism sector and also won support from my clients, who usually recommend me to their families, relatives, friends and other people and show me to make business website. Angkor Guide Services is the tourism business website was created and operated by Mony in order to assist your planning trip to navigate through enchanting Angkor Wat and its many spectacular temples and countryside.

If you have me as a guide then I will promise to work hard and try my best to provide you with exciting, amazing, independent and adventurous tours full of unforgettable memory and experience.

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