We always need a volunteer to help out in our Hostal for minimal 6 weeks (or more) in the beautiful, diverse area of Samaipata, the position is open year round and there are no fees - please contact us for availability. The work as a volunteer is five days a week so two days free, working hours from 13.00 onwards. This sounds very strictly, but in practice, it's very flexible. You can speak/agree with us whenever you want to go on a hike, tour or go anywhere.

Working in Andoriña means mainly being available for telephone calls, receiving people, visitors, preparing small food like pancakes, juices, coffees, etc. Also inform visitors and once in a while open the door for night visitors from Sucre, and help with cleaning when it's really busy.

You'll feel there's little distance between us, you and our guests. Most of the day there's music, in the morning tranquil, silence between 13-15.00, and more lively music in the afternoon and night. We have balconies, hammocks, and a small private room & bathroom for you, breakfast and use of the kitchen is included (sometimes we can cook together). You should speak English, reasonable Spanish (if you do not, please don't react) and maybe other languages. The town of Samaipata always maintained its tranquility but there're several places of music, bars and plenty of good restaurants.

In Andoriña you'll meet Marleny (Samaipateña, in the morning), Estefany (Aiquileña, in the afternoon), Andres (Dutch), Doriña (Samaipateña) and her sisters Marina and Yerlinda. It's a perfect option to enjoy Bolivian life amidst a wonderful climate and see some of Latin America's most diverse areas, due to very different landscapes and microclimates. Samaipata has a music school where it's possible to take lessons and also give classes ! We stimulate people to integrate themselves in our team and in the village life. Don't react if communicating in Spanish is still quite difficult for you.

Sustainable volunteering on a starting organic farm

This is the first phase of creating an example (June 2010) for other communities of sustainable living and farming in the beautiful but fragile cloud forest area around Samaipata. The farm is located on a beautiful location: the piece of land contains 11 hectares in a secluded valley right under the cloud forest with great views. Due to a certain microclimate we grow more than 15 (!) types of fruits and many vegetables, among others forest fruits as well.

The altitude is 2000 metres above sea level, and in the community live 20 families. A small family welcomes you and is open minded to your ideas and suggestions.

The idea is that volunteers help (from July 2010 onwards) in the gardens 4 hours daily and pay a small amount per day (21 Bolivianos = 3 U$) for the guiding family and the accomodation. Volunteers should speak reasonable Spanish (if you don't, please don't react).

Some experience is useful, especially in the beginning. A kitchen is available and you can make really nice walks besides reading, relaxing, meditating and play your instrument if you have. There's a shower, ecological toilet and even a sauna which you can use. The minimal commitment is two weeks.