All of our activities and itineraries are designed in collaboration with the villagers themselves, based around the principles of community-based tourism. We are committed to providing local people with a complimentary source of income while still continuing their traditional way of life. 

We also directly support the communities in which we work by putting excess revenue back into village. For example, Andaman Discoveries supports youth scholarships, ecotourism projects, and village guide trainings. 


Southern Thailand Activities & Tours

Andaman Discoveries makes use of our extensive network of local communities and partners to offer a wide variety of unique experiences. Our programs benefit both the guest and the host – providing genuine benefit to local people and fascinating insights into a unique way of life.  From Reefs to rain forests and from beach escapes to cultural exchanges find out why traveling responsibly is the secret to an unforgettable Thailand experience.



We are an award-winning social enterprise enabling visitors and volunteers to directly support village-led education, conservation, and cultural empowerment.  Our programs in the Kuraburi area focus on teaching English is local schools and learning centers that would otherwise not have access to practicing and learning English from fluent speakers.  With the opening of the ASEAN community in 2015, speaking English has become a priority for students living in Thailand.  The ability to speak even basic English can offer  more opportunities to children in this rural area.