The centre has over 60 wild animals currently, from Howler Monkeys, Wooly Monkeys and Capuchins, to Tapir, Wild Deer and Tortoises, as well as a number of Macaws and Parrots. Most of these animals have suffered from the effects of illegal logging, hunting and habitat loss, as well as the pet trade. In short, we receive rescued animals and get them ready for a life back in the wild. In September 2019 we successfully released 12 Howler monkeys and plan to release 3 Peccary (wild boar), a group of Capuchins and another group of Howler monkeys in 2020, in addition to any birds and small mammals that become ready to leave. 
We have a volunteer program though we’d like more people to come. We have capacity for 24 volunteers, though usually we have anywhere from 2 to 10 people and apart from donations we need volunteers to survive. Most people who come to the centre fall in love with it and offer great feedback, so I think it would be the perfect project to have on your platform.
Volunteers are there to help with all aspects of running the centre, from preparing and distributing food for the animals to building and maintaining enclosures (promoting safe enrichment for the animals), daily cleaning and heading into the forest to cut leaves for the monkeys. Other responsibilities include feeding and caring for the younger animals and providing warm bedding. Some animals need to be washed and groomed, such as our Tapir, though any handling is only done with a practical aim in mind and only when trained by either our full time vet or a long term member of staff. 
In addition to the main activities, volunteers can construct their own personal project, offer educational tours to both visitors and local children and take a day off a week to go on tours to the jungle, hire a kayak or visit the local town (though these activities are run by separate organisations.) We can also offer specialised roles to those interested in marketing, social media or film/photography. Evenings are taken up with campfires, games, movie nights and a chance to do a language exchange with a local. We can also run cultural events such as a native jewellery making workshop or a medicinal plant tour.
Here is a short video showing one of our volunteer groups from Durham University last summer:
You can check out our website with some info (I am working on updating this) here:
I can help you with any video/photos you need to help promote the project. I can make you a bespoke, unbranded film.
Thanks again for your time, I look forward to chatting more next week! My number is 07900983442