Alliance for a Sustainable Amazon

Whether you’re considering a career in field biology, looking to contribute to conservation, or just want to get your hands dirty, we have a great opportunity for you! 

Our volunteer program is designed to gain direct, hands-on experience in tropical biology, sustainable agriculture and community development. Some of our activities include: research on primates ecology, biological inventories (insects, birds, mammals, trees/plants), tree nursery management, macaws nesting placement, etc.

Work with us to make the Amazon more sustainable! 

At the Alliance for a Sustainable Amazon our mission is to promote the sustainable use of natural resources and the conservation of biodiversity for the benefit of all who live in and depend upon the rainforest. Our research, education, and conservation projects are based in Peru.

Volunteer Program Details & Overview

  • Length of stay: 1 week minimum
  • Work Schedule: Monday thru Friday, 8hrs/day
  • Dates: Open, on a weekly basis, beginning Mondays (June 15-Dec15, 2017)
  • Application & payment deadline: Variable, two weeks prior to stay


Our projects in Peru are as diverse as the rainforest that surrounds us, and fall into one of our two focal areas: biological research and monitoring and sustainable tropical agriculture. Volunteers may participate in one or more of the following projects during their stay in the Peruvian Amazon: 

Primate demography, spatial & feeding ecology:

  • Monitoring of brown titi monkeys & saddleback tamarins.
  • Evaluation of primate diets.. 

Biological Inventories:

  • Camera trapping (mammals)
  • Morning/afternoon bird counts and surveys
  • Nocturnal surveys for reptiles & amphibians
  • Baited traps, aerial hand nets, nocturnal surveys for insects.
  • Plot and transect surveys for plants.

Artificial Macaw Nest Boxes:

  • Nest box construction and placement.
  • Regular monitoring of usage.

Organic farming:

  • Production of compost and organic char.
  • Nursery management
  • Brazil nut harvesting

Program Fees

  • 1 week: $375
  • 2-4 weeks: $350
  • 5+ weeks: $325

Program fee DOES NOT include the following:  

  • Air transportation (international and domestic), travel/medical insurance, passport, travel visa, additional local travel/optional activities.

To apply or if you have questions please contact us.

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