Adventures in Preservation was founded in 2001 by two women with a great love of historic buildings and a strong desire to travel and understand the world. While perusing the travel section of the Boulder Bookstore, the Volunteer Vacation section suddenly brought everything into focus. Judith Broeker and Jamie Donahoe combined their goal of saving the world's historic architecture with the concept of volunteer vacations, and created AiP's hands-on preservation vacations.

Work started on several sites in the U.S., and as word spread, requests for help began to pour in from around the world. The widespread importance of this issue became apparent, highlighting the great potential AiP's hands-on building conservation projects have for supporting community preservation initiatives. We found that our love of old buildings could translate into the development of environmental and economic sustainability for communities with no other means of becoming self-sufficient.

Adventures in Preservation has become a leader in offering volunteer vacations directed toward saving distinctive architecture that defines a region's history and culture. The fact that historic preservation is innately "green" provides yet another compelling reason for restoring historic buildings for integrated community use, from affordable housing to community centers.

Adventures in Preservation's staff and volunteers work with passion to save the world’s architectural heritage with the goal of renewing communities worldwide.


AiP's Mission Statement

Saving the world’s architectural heritage by supporting community-driven preservation projects that seek to create economic and environmental sustainability.